Reclaiming Paget Farm

Reclaiming Paget Farm: A participatory film and community restoration initiative in the Caribbean

Primary Researcher: Jessica Jaja (M.A.)

paget farmReclaiming Paget Farm is an on-going participatory film and community restoration initiative set on the island of Bequia in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The fishing community of Paget Farm has witnessed devastating environmental change in recent decades due to a multitude of land-based activities, including a large land reclamation, a malfunctioning drainage system and excessive island-wide littering. Once surrounded by sandy beaches, a barrier reef and shallow lagoons, Paget Farm has been transformed into a bottleneck for marine debris and untreated wastewater. But at the heart of these socio-environmental challenges lies a strong community striving for legitimate and sustained change.

Working alongside the people of Bequia, this grassroots initiative grew organically from the realization that coastal pollution fundamentally impacts every aspect of community dynamics. Reclaiming Paget Farm uses participatory filmmaking to heighten awareness around community environmental issues and seeks to demonstrate how collective actions can bring positive social and environmental change.

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Reclaiming Paget Farm: A Participatory Film and Community Restoration Initiative in the Caribbean from Jessica Jaja on Vimeo.