Sea Ice Pressure Events

Identifying and Understanding Sea Ice Pressure Events for Winter Shipping in the Eastern Canadian Arctic

Primary Researcher: Olivia Mussells (M.Sc. Candidate)


Shipping-1The Arctic is changing rapidly. Climate change and subsequent shifting sea ice regimes have the potential to open up the Canadian Arctic Archipelago to shipping as well as increased resource extraction and economic development. However, extending the shipping season into the winter months requires in-depth knowledge of sea ice conditions.

The sea ice regime change in the Canadian Arctic has not been a linear reduction of sea ice cover and thickness. Thus, deformation and dynamic patterns of the ice need to be understood in order for ships to pass through the area safely and efficiently.

Olivia will be using satellite imagery, along with local weather data and models in order to identify deformation patterns and features of the sea ice of the Canadian Arctic, which is not available in traditional ice charts. She will also be using this information in order to recommend policy for the safer Arctic transportation standards and identify marine corridors.