Jackie Dawson

    Canada Research Chair in Environment, Society and Policy Associate Professor Département de géographie / Department of Geography

    Climate modeling, Arctic shipping, recreation ecology, resource management, tourism


      Natalie Carter

      Postdoctoral Fellow

      Arctic Corridors Northern Voices Research Project

        Alison Cook

        Postdoctoral Fellow

        Glacier Change Research/ Sea Ice and Shipping in the Canadian Arctic

          Megan Ihrig

          Research Administrative Coordinator

            Nicolien Simone Van Luijk

            Postdoctoral Fellow

            Arctic Shipping Impacts


            Gloria Song

            PhD Student

            Access to Justice for Domestic Violence Survivors Dealing with Housing Insecurity in Kitikmeot, Nunavut

              Manuelyn Perelta

              Master of Arts Candidate

              Climate justice in International Climate Change Negotiations

                Annika Ogilvie

                Master of Science Candidate

                Climate Change and Sea-ice Change on Shipping in the Canadian Arctic

                  Kayla Grey

                  Master of Science Student

                  Shipping and Invasive Species in the Canadian Arctic

                    Holly Gordon

                    Master of Environmental Sustainability Student

                    Community-based Research in the Canadian Arctic

                    Melissa Weber

                    PhD Candidate

                    Marine Tourism Risks, Opportunities, and Management in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut

                      Adrian Nicoll

                      Master of Science Student

                      Assessing the Probably of Vessel Related Accidents in the Canadian Arctic

                        Andrew Orawiec

                        PhD Student

                        Responsible Management Regimes for Shipping in the Canadian Arctic

                        Jamie D’Souza

                        Master of Arts Candidate

                        Climate Change and Polar Bear Viewing Tourism in Churchill, Manitoba

                          Larissa Pizzolato

                          PhD Student

                          Spatial Trends and Climate Related Hazards for Shipping in the Canadian Arctic